About Us

r8shop is a division of R8RISK enabling us to provide an eCommerce outlet to deliver goods and services to our patrons. 

We invite you to learn more about us and to join us in our mission to help build and create a more resilient world.

Your purchase assists us in our objectives and mission to create a better world that enables more participants a fair and equitable avenue to build and create wealth and enable opportunities for others in society.


Find us on Facebook, where we're reaching an ever growing globally connected community of risk minded individuals and corporations.


Find us on Twitter, where we're engaging a community over an ever growing list of topics and .trending matters. Our Twitter is mostly satire but is the heartbeat of R8RISK.


Our LinkedIn is for discussion and business first content engaging professionals in conversations around building resiliency and building an equitable and just world that promotes competition and puts consumers first again.

Our story

We were built around an idea of building a better world that can enable people rather than use them to drive profits that create a less effective world. A world where people are chasing numbers versus the true beauty of providing and creating solutions and adding value to the world.

Our mission is long term, we will not be held captive, nor will we use our customers and deceive them to make a quick buck. Our approach is to create resilient partnerships which begins to reestablish the trust that businesses are supposed to have with their clients. Join us in accomplishing our mission! Let’s make a better world together!

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